Discovering The Secret Destination In Your Journey

“All Journeys Have Secret Destinations Which The Traveler Is Unaware” – Martin Buber For many, travel planning is a lot of fun. Choosing the destination, what accommodation you’ll stay in, how you’ll spend your time and which restaurants you’ll eat […]

11 Things Learned About Brazilian Culture From Visiting

rio de janeiro

      After spending a few weeks traveling through Brazil, visiting various cities, interacting with locals, sampling the local foods, and doing some forro dancing, I’ve made a few observations about this wonderful culture and country along the way […]

Breaking Language Barriers: A Date Without Words in Paraty, Brazil

I could hear the music blasting from my hostel dorm, addictive rhythms and beats beckoning me out onto the beach. While I hated going to the bar alone, I didn’t know if I would be able to resist. “Want to […]

A Traveler’s Best Friend: Language

When it comes to broadening our horizons through learning new languages, those whose first language is English are particularly indifferent. With English being one of the most commonly spoken second languages around the world, why would you need to learn […]

10 Must-Have Travel Apps

© Flickr / -Bengerman Much as we love it, traveling isn’t always easy. Missed connections, sleepless nights, miscommunications can make life more than a little daunting. Luckily, there are smartphone apps for all of this and more. And the best part? […]

The Ever-Evolving Language of Travel

While it is clear that travel itself has evolved in many ways in the past decade or so, it appears that travel language has, too. It is something that seems to happen overnight, without anyone really noticing that new vocabulary […]

5 Best Smartphone Apps for Travelers Who Can’t Get Online

While you can basically download an app for anything you could possibly need to do on your smartphone, there are many times when traveling where you may find yourself unable to get Wi-Fi. When offline, many of these helpful apps […]

10 Important Phrases To Know Before Going To Ghana, Africa

Learning a foreign language can be difficult. And, for people traveling to Ghana, Africa, for only a short amount of time, trying to become fluent in Twi, the principal native language of the country, may be a bit farfetched. However, learning some important phrases […]