inca trail

Notes On Responsible Tourism And Inca Trail Porters


“But I already paid $600 for the tour. Now I have to give more money? I don’t have it.” “Can I maybe give $20 instead? I know they suggested more, but I think this is fine.” “I already paid $70 […]

Unedited Super Shots Of The Inca Trail, Peru

During my three-month backpacking trip through South America, hiking the Inca Trail was a top experience on my bucket list. The only reason I questioned whether I would do it or not is you need to book six months in […]

Going Back In Time On The Inca Trail In Peru

“…The highland road has to be seen to be believed, because the terrain is very rough and yet in Christiandom we have never seen such beautiful roads, and the whole length of the roads all the streams are crossed by […]