Experiencing The World’s Best Hostel In Santa Marta, Colombia

santa marta

As a destination, Santa Marta was probably my least favorite place I stayed during my time traveling through Colombia, beginning in Cartagena and making my way to Bogota. That’s not to say the city had nothing to offer. There’s a […]

Travel Notes: Do You Need A Backpack To Be A Backpacker?


Backpacking. We call traveling from city to city for a long period of time “backpacking” because we usually carry very few possessions with us in – wait for it – a backpack. But, what about the travelers who are doing […]

How To Hostel When You’re Past “That Stage”

hostel life

Hostels have a reputation for attracting budget backpackers on gap year looking to have one last hoorah before heading into “the real world.” While I’d argue each hostel has its own unique personality, I understand what my late 20s-30s friends […]

How To Annoy The Hell Out Of Your Hostel Mates


Hostels are a smart option when traveling. Not only do they help you save money, they allow you take advantage of free and discounted experiences, give you access to useful amenities like game rooms, kitchens and lounge areas, and help […]

Budget Guide: Essential Tips For Saving Money On Food While Traveling


When traveling, one of the biggest strains on your wallet is the cost of food. The problem isn’t that there aren’t affordable food options, but more that many people are unsure of how to navigate the dining scene in foreign […]

Berlin Off the Beaten Path

Like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, Berlin keeps adding new feathers to its cap, from ghetto gourmet dinner clubs to romantic cuddle bars that rarely make it into the tourist guidebooks. To lift the veils that shroud these […]