How To Be An Annoying Airline Passenger

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As someone who flies about four to six times per month, I regular encounter frustrating airline passengers. Some of the habits of other travelers leave me stunned at how oblivious they are to the fact they’re in a public space. […]

Can Music Be The Cure To Anxiety When Flying?

For those who are afraid of flying, new research shows music may be your cure. Digital music service Spotify recently commissioned a study that was carried out by anxiety psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman from the Private Therapy Clinic in London. […]

The Future Of Air Travel: New Flat Fee Airline Takes The Hassel Out Of Flying

For those who are frequent fliers, you know very well the hassle that goes along with booking and boarding an airplane. Long lines, numerous screenings, hidden fees, complicated reservation forms and bureaucratic check-in processes can make flying daunting. U.S. Vice […]