Travel Notes: Do You Need A Backpack To Be A Backpacker?


Backpacking. We call traveling from city to city for a long period of time “backpacking” because we usually carry very few possessions with us in – wait for it – a backpack. But, what about the travelers who are doing […]

Immerse Yourself In Amalfi Coast Culture On This Newly-Launched Local Living Tour

To many travel is about escaping reality. Through my other travel publication, Epicure & Culture, myself and team are tweaking this notion. Instead of getting away, we’re making it easy for travelers to put themselves in someone else’s reality: the […]

Piazza del Vino: A New Concept For Tuscany

italian food

While pairing wine with food is nothing new in Tuscany, typically the focus is on making outstanding cuisine and finding a wine to pair, instead of creating an outstanding wine program and making delicious dishes to pair. Piazza del Vino […]

Learning The Art Of Cooking With Olive Oil In Tuscany

olive oil

When thinking about the world’s top culinary destinations, one’s mind undoubtedly drifts to Tuscany. Rolling hills littered with olive trees, dairy farms handcrafting Pecorino cheeses and rows upon rows of Sangiovese grapes. During a stay at Castello di Gabbiano I […]

6 Essential Tuscany Travel Tips

Traveling to the Tuscan countryside in Italy? Here are six essential Tuscany travel tips to help ensure a smooth trip: 1. Rent A Car To really experience Tuscany, Italy, renting a car is a must. Public transportation is essentially nonexistent […]

Photo Guide: A Delicious And Tipsy Journey Through Tuscany

Castello di Gabbiano

Recently, I was given the opportunity to stay at two excellent properties in Tuscany: Castello di Gabbiano and Castelfalfi. Both hold rich histories, castle experiences, scenic outdoor experiences, and, my favorite facet of the region, traditional Tuscan dishes made with […]