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Eating My First Pet In Ecuador

The body is sliced down the middle, opened like a thick book, on top of sizzling coals. Tiny hands, still with finger nails, reach into the air as if their last plea for help had gone completely unnoticed. Bright white […]

Exploring The Culture Of Northern India Through Food

India. The first thing that comes to mind is culture and diversity. Not surprisingly, Indian food has both these ingredients. Famous for its warm spirit both in food and hospitality, the country features an array exquisite dishes, especially in the […]

10 Places To Eat Traditional In Puebla, Mexico

1. El Mural de los Poblanos 16 de Septiembre 506 222-242-0503 This fine-dining restaurant, located in the historic center of Puebla, preserves the cooking methods and recipes of original Mexican gastronomy, while enhancing flavors with more modern elements. The […]

10 Quirky Taboos From Around The World

Did you know there are actually rules on how to use chop sticks in Asian countries? Or that in some places it is considered unsanitary and disrespectful to eat with your left hand? And you thought packing was stressful! Use […]

13 Lessons Learned From Visiting Different Cultures and Countries

No matter where I travel to, from rural villages in Thailand to picturesque mountain-towns in Switzerland to laid-back islands like Aruba, I always seem to make some philosophical and personal revelations about travel, life, and myself. Here are some of […]