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10 Best Brunches In NYC Not To Miss (Booze Included!)

best brunches in nyc

What’s the one thing you need after a late night out at one of New York’s underground bars? Aspirin, maybe. But you could also do with a booze-filled brunch for some hair of the dog. From classic American French Toast […]

Snake Village in Hanoi, Vietnam, Allows Visitors to Kill and Eat Their Own Snake (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Located in Le Mat, Hanoi, Vietnam, the Snake Village is filled with the snake-related opportunities. Drink snake, eat snake, hold snakes, and even kill your own snake at eat its organs. Finding it hard to wrap your head around an […]

10 Smartphone Apps for Food Enthusiasts

  Nowadays, there is a smartphone application for anything and everything. Food enthusiasts, wine connisseurs, and beer buffs will love these 10 handy smartphone applications. From beer and meal pairing to restaurant finding to where to eat that spicy burger […]