The World On A Shoestring: Your Ultimate Guide To Traveling Long-Term On The Cheap

piggy bank

“If I win the lottery, I will travel the world” is a common thought. Many dream of traveling but put it off as they don’t think they have enough money. The truth is, if you really have the will to […]

Cheap Travel: New York City On Less Than $25 Per Day


Looking to travel New York on an extreme budget? I’m here to help. A New York native currently living in Brooklyn, I live my life on a shoestring while still enjoying what the city has to offer. TIP: Looking for […]

Cousurfer Rhymes a “Gift Rap” For His Host

Couchsurfer Matthew Bloomfield really appreciated his stay at host Elmar Bierbaum’sapartment in Lima, Peru. If fact, he felt so grateful that he composed a rap as a tribute to Bierbaum (and he stayed within the 1,000-word limit for a CouchSurfing reference). Bloomfield calls himself “The Rapping Professor”, […]