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12 Quirky Homestays For An Offbeat Trip [Photos]

quirky homestays

Experiencing culture is a focus for many travelers, and what better way to become immersed in your destination than to stay in the homes of locals? We know. How about staying in one or more of our picks for quirky, […]

Offbeat Thailand: Amazing Ways To Experience Chiang Mai Beyond The Guidebook


During our round-the-world trip, my boyfriend and I routinely played a game where you had to choose the top three places you’d live if you could. We ingeniously called it “Where Would You Live?” The list would always change (Koh […]

Solo Travel, Local Culture And Going Beyond The Guidebook In Thailand


Looking to travel to Thailand? Thailand expert and editor of One Weird Globe Chris Backe shares his knowledge of the country with advice and recommendations on how to travel on a budget, immerse yourself in local culture and go beyond […]

Cooking Class in Thailand: Learning Culture Through the Tongue

Check out my new article in The Expeditioner that takes a look at my experience taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and getting a lesson in Thai culture in the process: Cooking Class in Thailand: Learning Culture Through […]