tayrona national park

How To Visit Tayrona National Park In Colombia (And Have An Amazing Time!)

For many travelers to Colombia, a trip begins in Cartagena. This was the case for me, as well, and while the city has much to offer, I especially liked its day and weekend trip offerings. If you have a few […]

Bus-Free Through India: Ascending Tall Peaks And The World’s Highest Organic Tea Garden

Hiking in India, especially Kerala, is a great way to experience the diverse landscapes, rich ecosystems and local culture.


Bus-Free Through India: High-Altitude Hiking Through Kerala’s Silent Valley

You know when you’re at an arcade playing those virtual reality racing games, and you push the pedal down as hard as you can, turning the wheel manically to swerve around other vehicles and reach the finish line first? That’s […]

cradle mountain

Australia’s Most Stunning Camping Destinations

Australia is a massive country with extraordinary diversity in terms of landscape and culture. One of the best ways to see the country is by driving across it, which allows you to really get out into its remote stretches. Caravanning […]

10 Tips For More Eco-Friendly Travel

In the world of travel, ecotourism is a hot topic right now. Rightfully so, especially when considering that everything we do on a trip, from the transportation we take to the foods we eat and the souvenirs we buy, has […]

Going Back In Time On The Inca Trail In Peru

“…The highland road has to be seen to be believed, because the terrain is very rough and yet in Christiandom we have never seen such beautiful roads, and the whole length of the roads all the streams are crossed by […]

Pambula on the Sapphire Coast: The Perfect Weekend Getaway in Australia

Pambula on the Sapphire Coast: The Perfect Weekend Getaway in Australia

Pambula is located on the Sapphire Coast of Australia and is a great weekend getaway for people who want to get out of the big city of Sydney for a few days and explore nature. The name Sapphire Coast stems […]