Shaken Or Stirred: NYC’s Best Spicy Cocktails

spicy cocktails

Some like it hot (like me!), and if there’s one thing I can’t resist it’s a spicy craft cocktail. Hot food and drink really is like a drug for me: insanely addictive, and once I stop I just keep craving […]

Are Classic Cocktails Making A Comeback?

Gin martini, mint julep, manhattan, old-fashioned, sidecar – these classic cocktail favorites are nothing new in the world of libations. In fact, they’ve been around since Prohibition, standing the test of time, exemplifying a certain class of drinks that focuses […]

Boutique Markets in a Historic New York Church

While walking east on 20th Street in New York, I noticed an interesting structure on the intersection at Avenue of the Americas (6th). Next to all of the high rise, flat sided buildings sat a short brick building with steeples and […]

10 Bars in New York City That Serve Free Food

Dining in New York can get pretty expensive, even when eating at cheaper restaurants. Use this list to help you navigate through New York and find some of the best free food that the city has to offer. Dell’ Anima […]

Some Towns Were Just Made for the Adventurous Backpacker: Interlaken, Switzerland

Do you ever get the feeling that certain cities were created solely with one specific purpose in mind? There’s a reason that Interlaken, Switzerland, makes it onto the itinerary of almost every backpacker traveling around Europe and that is because […]