How To Survive Being Chased By Dogs In Banos, Ecuador

It was a steep ascent, but the view of Banos, Ecuador, from the top of Bellavista was worth it. It had taken me much quicker than I’d assumed it would — less than an hour — so I decided to […]

Exploring The Dark Side Of Banos, Ecuador, Through Graffiti


Not only is Banos, Ecuador, home to pristine waterfalls, active volcanoes, adventure sports and delicious candy, it also has some impressive graffiti art. What’s interesting is that while the city itself gives off an optimistic and happy vibe through its […]

Eating My First Pet In Ecuador

The body is sliced down the middle, opened like a thick book, on top of sizzling coals. Tiny hands, still with finger nails, reach into the air as if their last plea for help had gone completely unnoticed. Bright white […]

Photo Essay: Hiking To Bellavista In Banos, Ecuador

Banos, Ecuador, is full outdoor and adventure activities like cycling, exploring the jungle, bungy jumping, rafting, and, my personal favorite, hiking. One short 45-minute but challenging and worthwhile hike to do when in Banos is to Bellavista, a lookout point […]

Hiking, Monkeys, And The Devil’s Penis In Ecuador’s Amazon Jungle

No visit to Ecuador is complete without taking a tour of the Amazon Jungle. The Amazon covers most of the Amazon Basin and represents over half the remaining rainforests on Earth. Moreover, it contains more species of tropical rainforest than […]

Hostel Review: Hostal Chimenea, Banos, Ecuador

Banos, a popular city on the backpacker circuit in Ecuador, is a worthwhile stop for any budget and adventure traveler. When choosing an accommodation, I highly recommend Hostal Chimenea, a clean and well-located guesthouse in the city.

Do It Yourself Adventure: Biking The Waterfalls Of Banos, Ecuador

While in Banos, Ecuador, you’ll find myriad tour operators selling guided trips, like hikes to the Tungurahua Volcano, white water rafting, bungy jumping, canyoning and other adventure and sightseeing activities. For those who like to do things themselves while also […]