How to Make Delicious Austrian Salzburger Nockerl

So after the Austrian Gala Dinner the other night held at Wallse in New York, I am now obsessed with Salzburger Nockerl. Unfortunately, I am not a pastry chef. Fortunately, this guy is. If anyone has any cooking abilities whatsoever, please […]

Food and Wine Pairing with Austrian Fare at Wallse

I have a new favorite restaurant in New York, and it is called Wallse. Located one block from the Hudson Promenade at 344 W. 11th Street, this ambient venue puts a modern twist on classical Viennese dishes, all within a […]

Riding the Crazy Train: How I Almost Killed Someone on the Long Island Railroad

So I recently realized exactly why I am not nice to people on the train. Aside for the fact that I like having the whole seat to myself when riding the Long Island Railroad in New York and I usually get […]

Austria Comes to New York: A Look at the Austrian Pop-Up Shop at the Openhouse Gallery in New York

This month, the Openhouse Gallery in New York hosted a free Austrian pop-up shop, which gave visitors a glimpse into what they could experience in terms of art, food, tours, culture, hotels, festivals, museums, and outdoor spaces if they visited Austria. While the space itself […]

Beauty Contest Exhibit at Austria Cultural Forum in New York

The Austrian Cultural Forum in New York is currently hosting Beauty Contest, an exhibit featuring 20 international artists focusing their work on their interpretation of beauty. Some of the artists call upon their own experiences being a gay/lesbian, transgendered, or exhibitionist living […]