Gear Review: Protect Your Electronics With Drake Laptop Tote By Hex


For those who worry about the safety of their laptops and electronics when traveling, the Drake Laptop Tote by Hex is here to help. With a sleek look and spacious interior the bag is definitely useful, however, does it live up to its claims?

 Their Claims

  • Stylish and versatile tote bag with storage for MacBook Pro (up to 15″), iPad, phone, as well as general items
  • Water resistant
  • Keeps you organized with extra pockets
  • Keeps electronics warm
  • Roomy
  • Bar-tacked critical seams for durability

Our Findings

I’ve been using this tote non-stop since I’ve got it, not only for travel, but also for everyday use when I need to bring a laptop, iPad or SLR camera somewhere. Style-wise, it has a simple black/grey pattern on wool material, making it look like a sophisticated day bag. Along with the pocket for the Macbook Pro, which you can tighten to keep your laptop nice and snug, there is a wallet area for business cards, credit cards and pens, as well as a mesh lined pocket for anything you want to keep secure but visible. There’s also a large pocket where you can easily fit books or a larger item. On the outside, a button-shut pocket makes it simple to secure your phone.

In terms of how spacious the tote is, I was able to go on a four-day trip to Ohio using just this – no suitcase. The top zips up so everything is secure, while the bottom almost seems like it never ends, although when sitting on my shoulder rests just below the hip. It’s plush wool material makes it comfortable to carry. Additionally, I was able to test out the waterproof element when I was carrying my SLR camera and iPad from a photography class and it began pouring. Sure enough, my electronics were safe and sound.

The Verdict

I 100% recommend this product to anyone who travels with electronics – especially laptops – and wants to keep them safe. This tote will keep them warm, dry and secure while snug in a pocket and wrapped in a durable material. Not only that, but if you’re worried about looking good, it’s also stylish enough to wear as a day bag.

Drake Laptop Totes are $79.95 and be purchased by clicking here.

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