Do you want to live life on your own terms, travel the world and make money doing it?

Learn the secrets to creating a successful travel website  

from someone who earns a full-time income from her blogs. 


Too many people spend their lives wondering "What if?" 

What if I did a solo trip to Europe? 

What if I turned my awesome idea into reality?

What if I went for what I really wanted?

Stop waking up wishing you didn't have to go to the office or wishing you had more time to see the world.

It's time to take life into your own hands and do what you REALLY want to. 

How? Each year I help hundreds of people build profitable blogs -- both travel and non-travel -- and now I want to help you, too! 

*You don't have an action plan for blogging success

*You're unsure of how to optimize blog posts to rank higher in Google search

*You have great content, but don't know how to get it in front of new eyes 

*You want to learn the secret to earning a REAL salary through your blog

But first...does any of the following sound like you?

*You love the idea of blogging professionally, but have no idea where to begin

*You have a blog, but want to gain more readers

*You know the value of social media but aren't sure what to post or how to get people to care about what you're saying

*You feel lost in a sea of information and aren't sure what tasks to prioritize for blogging growth

Yes? Then let me teach you the secrets to blogging success!

So wait...I can really make money blogging?

Yes, you can! I'm not going to lie and say it's easy; but if you set yourself up for success, learn how to create a smart growth strategy and put in the work, you can absolutely succeed. 

I personally own a full-time income from my travel blogs, one that allows me to live alone in NYC, enjoy carefree nights out with friends, and take 15+ trips a year!

Myths About Blogging

*I need to be famous. When I started my blog I had absolutely no following on the internet, or anywhere else for that matter. 

*I need a lot of money to start a business. Blogging has very little overhead costs. Especially in the beginning it's more about investing time than money. In fact, you can start blogging today for $0! 

*But I don't have a business or journalism degree. You don't need a degree to start a blog. What matters here is passion and a voice.

*I'm afraid to quit my stable job to blog. So don't. I waitressed while building my blog until it made enough money that I felt comfortable leaving my serving gig. 

*I won't succeed because I'm not good at [writing/photography/technology]. When I started my blog I was possibly the least tech savvy person on Earth (for real!) Take it slow and learn as you go. While writing and photography skills help, if you have an interesting story to tell and a unique voice, these skills aren't essential.

Ready to get started?

Each year I help hundreds of budding bloggers create profitable blogs that let them quit their day jobs, travel the world, enjoy free time and work remotely. Now, I want to help you.   

I offer the following blog coaching services for those wanting to start both travel and non-travel blogs. If you need help choosing which would be best for you, you can email me directly at

Private Consulting Options

Where: Online via Skype                      

Price: $250 per hour

These consultation sessions are done over Skype and give you free range to ask any questions you have about blogging. Some possible topics to discuss:

  • Branding your blog for success
  • Defining your niche
  • Crafting a blogging road map (we'll write one together!) 
  • Crafting content for maximum reach
  • Creating a community with your readers
  • Increasing rank in Google Search
  • Tools that maximize productivity 
  • Devising a social media strategy that works
  • And more! 

If you don’t have specific questions I will tailor the session based on your goals, using examples and visuals to highlight specific points.

Next Start Date: Always Open 

One-On-One Blogging Consultation

Where: In person (NYC only) 

Price: $1000 (for up to 4 hours in person + 30 minute Skype followup) 

Similar to the one-on-one Skype consultation; however, with this option we’ll sit side-by-side working on your blog, going over your questions and troubleshooting any issues you may be experiencing. I’ll make sure your website is set up for optimal reach and success, not only telling you how to take your blog to the next level, but showing you. We'll even craft a blogging road map together, so you know exactly what next steps to take!

Next Start Date: Always Open 

One-on-One Blog Consultation

Let's Get Started ($500/month)


Private Blog Coaching Bundles

Digging Deeper ($850/month)


VIP Blogger ($1200/month) 


  • (4) 75-minute Skype calls per month
  • Lifetime access to my regularly-updated Ditch The Daily Grind: How To Start A Travel Blog video course
  • Support + Feedback in my private Facebook group 
  • End-of-month blog analysis with actionable to-do list for improvement 
  • Unlimited email support (all emails are answered within 24 hours) 

*VERY limited space available; 6-month minimum signup required

*Save 10% by paying in full 

Group Consulting Options

Where: Online; Taught in conjunction with

Price: $215

In this 5-week beginner course you’ll get familiar with the basics of blogging successfully. The class focuses on:

  • Blogging vs traditional media
  • How to set up your blog
  • Successful branding
  • Creating engaging content
  • Story forms
  • Successfully promoting posts
  • Engaging your readers and forming relationships
  • And more!

Case studies, examples, online readings and homework assignments help drive lessons home. No books are required.

Next Start Date: May 11, 2017

How To Start A Blog [Class]


Where: Online; Taught in conjunction with

Price: $315

This 8-week class is designed for those looking to take their blog to the next level. Course focuses include:

  • How to take your blog from hobby to professional
  • Developing an effective content strategy
  • Drawing up a business plan
  • Using tools to better understand your readers
  • Different ways to grow a following
  • Monetizing your website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Finding your writing voice
  • Secrets to social media success
  • Driving traffic to your blog
  • Working with brands/forming partnerships
  • And more!

We’ll look at case studies and examples offering concrete directions for guidance. The homework for the class will not only teach you how to create a website that generates income, but will also provide unique content and tools for growth. No books are required.

Next Start Date: May 11, 2017

From Setup To Salary: How To Turn Your Blog Into A Career [Class]


How To Monetize Your Blog & Build An Audience [Class]

Where: Online; Taught in conjunction with LitReactor

Price: $250

This 3-week content-packed class is designed for those looking to run their blog more like a business than a hobby. Course focuses include:

  • How to create content that converts
  • Tricks for getting to know your audience (and why it's important)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Essential steps to take before hitting publish
  • How to effortlessly encourage sharing of your content
  • Crafting a successful social media strategy (hint: you don't need to be everywhere!)
  • Strategies for procuring partnerships 
  • How to monetize your blog without selling out 
  • And more!

Each week will include recommended readings, concrete examples of lessons and homework to drive instruction home. No books are required.

Next Start Date: April 20, 2017

Self-Paced Consulting Options

Ditch The Daily Grind: How To Create A Travel Blog That Makes Money [Video Course]

Where: Online; You watch at your own pace. The entire series is about 100 minutes + time to do worksheets. 

Price: $49.99

This informative video course is broken up into five modules. It’s targeted toward beginners looking to create a travel blog but who are unsure of where to start. The webinar goes over:

Module 1: Branding Your Blog & Blog Design

Module 2: Crafting Engaging Content & Search Engine Optimization

Module 3: Promoting Your Blog Content

Module 4: Creating A Successful Social Media Strategy

Module 5: Monetizing Your Blog

Bonus: Each module comes with relevant funsheets, email templates and resources. Additionally, with purchase you'll get one complimentary blog critique, which you can redeem at any time. 

Note: Once you checkout, you'll be taken to the video course modules. You'll receive your login password via email shortly after.

Next Start Date: Always Open 

This was really the best class ever for me. Jessica is amazing; the course content is so comprehensive and I loved every minute of it. It truly was amazing and I learned more in the class than I ever expected to. It’s really inspired me to move forward and do some of the things I’ve been planning on doing for ages and ages.

Kim Hanson,

How To Create A Blog That Makes Money

I really loved the Ditch the Daily Grind course, which contained extended information on branding, sponsored links, and plug-ins/widgets. I'm a visual learner so the video showing me the backend of her blogs, and the ins and outs of the plugins really helped me understand how they could enhance my blog. Thank you so much for coming to the aide of fledgling bloggers everywhere!


Emma Gibson,

Ditch The Daily Grind Video Course

Jessie offered very helpful insights as to how to build my social media presence and draw in new blog followers. The hour Skype session we had was incredibly useful and I set to work transforming my blog and establishing my social media presence right after speaking with her. I would highly recommend a Skype consultation with Jessie if you are looking to start your own travel blog -- or transform an existing one -- and you want it to make some money for you. She was super easy to understand, very informative, and most importantly, her advice has helped me with my blog tremendously!

Lindsay Comer,

One-on-One Skype Consultation

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