You Know You’re Backpacking When…

Life changes when you’re backpacking. Your usual comforts and daily routine go out the window, and you end up living quite the adventurous existence. Anyone who has ever gone backpacking knows exactly what I’m talking about. Does this sound like […]

Revealed: The World’s Rudest And Dirtiest Cities

We all have our own opinions about what cities in the world we’d rather not visit; however, a recent TripAdvisor Cities Survey has revealed the rudest and dirtiest cities. While many may have believed Paris would top the list for […]

How Many Days Can You Stay In Cities Around The World For $100?

Have you ever wanted to know where to go to really stretch your $100 as far as possible? To help you choose the most budget-friendly destination for your next trip, Tripomatic has put together a useful infographic. The informational photo […]