French Polynesia

Immersive Travel: Top Cultural Experiences In French Polynesia

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For those who enjoy cultural travel, French Polynesia is an excellent destination. Settled by ancient Polynesians who arrived from Southeast Asia on outrigger canoes, each island has its own personality and tells a piece of the story. To help you […]

Backpacker’s Guide To Tahiti And Her Islands

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While destinations like Europe, South America and South East Asia are often touted as popular backpacking destinations, another lesser-know option is French Polynesia, more commonly known as “Tahiti,” named after one of the destination’s largest islands. There are many ways […]

Tips For Traveling Tahiti On A Budget

Advertisements and brochures lead you to believe Tahiti is one of the most expensive destinations in the world, and it can be. That being said, there are many ways to make a trip to French Polynesia more budget-friendly. To help […]

Tahiti: Not Just For Romantics

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White sand beaches. Translucent blue lagoons dotted with over-water bungalows. Couples lounging under palm trees. Half-dressed natives draping flower necklaces over your head. These are some of the images I had in mind of Tahiti before going. And while you’ll […]

Memorable Moments In French Polynesia

While I thoroughly enjoyed my entire trip traveling solo through French Polynesia — specifically the islands of Tahiti, Fakarava, Tahaa and Raiatea — there were a few moments in particular that stuck out. To help give you an idea of […]

The Time I Took Myself To A Private Island In French Polynesia

White sand beaches and crystal waters full of coral gardens and tropical fish. Luxury bungalows surrounded by lagoon and coconut  groves. A private island with staff eager to cater to your every desire. It is the epitome of a romantic […]