12 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Caves

For adventure-travel enthusiasts, visiting caves is a great way to satiate one’s appetite for exploring the lesser-traversed world out of the sun’s light. Immersed in bizarre natural formations, you’ll see rainbow colored rock compositions, jagged stalagmites, rugged stalactite, azure waters […]

How Many Days Can You Stay In Cities Around The World For $100?

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20 International Destinations Reflected On Water

When visiting a new destination, it’s always worthwhile to get an iconic view of the skyline. One unique way to take in a city’s outline is to view it from its reflection on the water. In this gallery, you’ll see water […]

10 Alternatives To The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are well known for their endemic wildlife, unique flora and strong ecological philosophy. However, the destination isn’t the only place in the world to experience an unparalleled natural setting. In fact, islands in Asia, South America, Europe and even the continent of Antarctica all feature […]

12 Stunning Desert Landscapes

There are many beautiful landscapes to be seen all over the world. Sparkling oceans, lush flora, tall mountains, barren tundra and unique rock formations cover the Earth, giving contrast to its many destinations. One of the most interesting types of […]

10 Of The World’s Most Breathtaking Waterfalls

One reason many people love to travel is to see some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, one element in nature that travelers can’t seem to get enough of is waterfalls. From South Africa to Asia to Europe and everywhere in between, you’ll be able […]