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Quito: More Than Just a Gateway to the Galapagos

While often thought of as a jumping-off point for the Galapagos Islands, Quito, Ecuador has a lot more to offer. With a historically-rich city center, lively indigenous culture, vibrant markets and adventurous day-trips, Quito is a unique and worthwhile destination […]

Getting Out Of Quito, Ecuador: Day, Weekend and Weeklong Excursions

While Quito, Ecuador, offers many opportunities for Inca history, diverse architecture and trendy restaurants, my favorite part about visiting this busy city was its side trips. In less than three hours you can be hiking through waterfall-filled forests, climbing one […]

Hostel Review: La Casona de Mario, Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador, isn’t known for being the safest city in South America. However, it is a worthwhile stop due to it’s rich history, numerous adventure options, and day trips you’ll find here. If you want a comfortable homebase, I recommend staying […]

History, Culture, And The Middle Of The World In Quito, Ecuador

Quito is a big city in Ecuador with a rich history and unique location. It was actually the second city in the world to be designated a “Cultural World Heritage City”, which happened in 1978.  To help preserve this heritage, […]

Mindo: A Nature-Inspired Day Trip From Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador, is a big, bustling city that can sometimes be overwhelming. For those who need a change of pace, one great day trip idea is to head to nearby Mindo, a tranquil town filled with nature-inspired activities. Located in the Los […]

Anacondas, Piranhas And Pink Dolphins, Oh My!: Exploring The Amazon Jungle From Colombia

Ever since the late 90’s, the Amazon jungle has inspired the image of a massive anaconda wrapping its slithering girth around my body from head to toe. In my vivid imagination, it drags me under water before biting my head […]

Food, Culture And Traveling Beyond The Guidebook In Guatemala

Thinking of traveling to Guatemala? Intrepid traveler and creator of Miles to Memories Shawn Coomer tells us how to stay safe, what to eat, what to pack and how to go beyond the guidebook in Guatemala. 1. Please tell us […]

Smarter Travel: How To Plan And Save For An Epic Adventure

As someone who has taken many long-term trips, I’m often asked how I go about planning and saving for such an adventure. While I’m the type of traveler who typically enjoys planning a trip without planning, there are some facets […]