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Croatia Adventure: Learning To Rock Climb In Split

I don’t even notice at first. One minute I’m chatting animatedly with my Croactive Holidays climbing guides, Kristian and Pacho, the next I hear a loud thud and feel my teeth smash together. I’m confused. Did something just happen? Suddenly, […]

Paragliding In Medellin (AKA That Time I Hurled Myself Off A Cliff In Colombia)

Aguardiente. The unpleasant licorice-flavored spirit is all I can taste in my cotton mouth as I awake to a blaring 7am alarm. Blips of the night before play in my mind like a stomach-twisting drama as I attempt to figure […]

12 Ways To Ruin Your Vacation (And How To Avoid Them)

When traveling, things won’t always go according to plan. However, sometimes you are actually the reason your trip goes south. To ensure you’re not the cause of your own travel demise, here are some vacation tips, including 12 ways to […]

6 Essential Jordan Travel Tips

For those wanting to visit the Middle East but are nervous, Jordan is an excellent choice. The country is much more stable than its neighbors, with people who are proud of where they come from. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon […]

Ouray: Colorado’s Quirkiest Town

While Colorado has many unique and worthwhile cities, the one of the quirkiest is Ouray. If traveling through the state, a stop here is highly recommended. For those who make the journey, here are some interesting activities to enjoy during […]

Unexpected Highlights From My Journey Through Jordan

Before visiting Jordan I had never traveled to the Middle East and had no idea what to expect from my trip. While I had a few thoughts of what the destination might be like the trip completely shattered many stereotypes […]