10 Restaurants That Let Diners Pay as Much as They Wish

Hate searching around for the perfect restaurant to fit your budget? What if you could eat somewhere that allowed you choose how much you paid for your meal? If you eat at one of these ten restaurants, you can.

Denver, Colorado

SAME Café is a unique restaurant that came to be from community service. After spending time volunteering at food banks and shelters, the Birkys, the creators of SAME Café, decided they wanted to create a place that could assist those who were having financial trouble. Not only are there no set prices at the restaurant, there is no set menu, with daily selections being made with fresh, organic ingredients and being funded by patron donations. There is no cash register, but instead a donation box where people can pay what they feel is fair. If a person cannot pay, they are encouraged to volunteer for an hour at the eatery…

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